Building The Small Wonder Labs SW40+

Parts of the inside front panel were ground down with a Dremel to allow the LCD to mount.

Part of the original mounting hole for the Messenger's volume control had to be cut away for the LCD to fit.

Here the LCD display is test-fit into the opening:

The S-Meter hole had to be ground and filed at the bottom.

The N3ZI kit is a very nice and simple way to add digital frequency display to a qrp rig. Doug’s Universal kit is available without a LCD, allowing you to use your own. The price is only about $20. By the time I purchased an LCD display from eBay, the total cost to add a digital frequency display was under $30! If you order the display from China, the total price will be under $25. The kit can be seen at Doug’s web site here:

Back of display

N3ZI Digital Dial

The display comes up! It is displaying 11mhz because it isn't hooked up to the radio yet.

The N3ZI kit and a third party LCD display. The 9V battery is only for testing purposes!

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